Multi Systems


If you are looking for the versatility that is provided by a multi air conditioning system, you couldn’t be in a better place. The highly professional team of air conditioning specialists here at Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd have a wealth of experience in multi-head air conditioning systems.

About multi air conditioning systems

Multi-head systems are excellent systems to choose if you are limited for outdoor space or concerned with the aesthetics of your home on the outside. The systems allow you to have only one outdoor unit that can service 2-5 indoor wall mounted head units. They are most suitable for small homes and townhouses with limited outside space and are the chosen systems for many units and apartment complexes.

Features of multi air conditioning systems include:

  • One outdoor unit can service a minimum of 2 indoor units up to a maximum of 5 (depending on size)
  • There is an option on expanding the number of head units at a later date, depending on existing sizes
  • Reverse cycle technology allows you to run it to either cool or heat your home or commercial space
  • The latest inverter technology reduces wasteful operation by varying the rotation speed of the compressor
  • Outstanding operating temperature range
  • Quiet mode operation in order to enjoy the comfort of running your split system at night

Why should you choose a multi-split air conditioning system for your home?

  • These systems are excellent for air conditioning more than one room in your home, especially in units and townhouses that have limited outdoor space
  • Multi-head split systems cleverly reduce the number of outdoor systems in your home, which saves space and reduces operating costs compared to Multiple single split systems
  • A multi-head split system uses a single outdoor compressor that can be linked to numerous indoor units
  • We only install the best multi-head split inverter air conditioners, including Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, and Midea, ensuring excellent air quality and efficiency, which will inevitably save you money


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