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Is your air conditioning unit working the way it should, or does something seem off? Maybe the temperature isn't quite right? Or perhaps your unit is making a strange sound?
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For most people living in Queensland, a split cycle air-conditioning unit is an essential item for the home. It's mainly needed to escape the heat through the long, hot summer months, but it can also be very welcome during the short, but often cold, winter period.

Like any appliance, your air-conditioning unit needs to be looked after to ensure that it works efficiently when you need it. That's why having it serviced on a regular basis is an important yet often overlooked household maintenance task.

If you've been neglecting the maintenance of your air-conditioning unit, then here are three reasons why you should book an appointment to have it serviced as soon as possible.

By Jeremy Pelton 24 Jan, 2017
One of the best ways to keep your nursing home residents healthy and happy is to make sure they get a good night's sleep every night. Unfortunately, there are multiple factors that contribute to healthy sleep, and it may seem like it's impossible to address the needs of dozens of people at once.

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds. One of the best ways for nursing home managers to improve sleep is to have a high quality air conditioning system installed in the facility. A commercial system from   Shannon's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  could improve your home in multiple ways. Here are 3 ways it could improve your residents' sleep.
By Website Team Technicians 03 Jan, 2017

Just like any home appliance, your air conditioning unit is going to show signs of wear and tear over its lifetime and eventually deteriorate, which will lead to mechanical problems.

However, while you may not always be able to prevent common air conditioner problems smart home owners will take preventative measures to minimise these problems and help detect problems early.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is key. Not only will you extend the working life of your unit, it can also save you a significant amount of money on repairs and eventually replacement costs.

So, what practices can you do to keep your cooling/heating system working efficiently and trouble free?

1.   Check and Clean/Change the filter at least every three/six months.  

*Filters may need more regular attention if the air conditioner is used constantly, or is subject to above normal dusty conditions or pet hair etc.


Keeping filters clean will ensure the efficiency of your A/C unit, reducing the energy consumption, saving you money. Clogged, dirty filters block the airflow and reduce the systems cooling ability. The air travelling through blocked filters may also carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil, leading to problems.


2.   Check and Clean around the Outdoor Condensing Unit. Minimise foliage, dirt and debris near the Outdoor Unit. Condensing Coils can become very dirty if the environment is dusty or foliage is too close. Cleaning the area around the coil, removing any falling leaves, clearing debris or trimming back plants at least half a meter away from the Condensing unit will allow for a good clean airflow.


3.   Keep your Thermostat setting Consistent. This will ensure you are maximising energy efficiency.  Ideally set between 25-27 degrees Celsius.


Every degree lower can increase the running cost by up to 15%. A constant setting will also ensure the normal run cycle of the air conditioner. If you set your temperature too low your air conditioner can struggle to reach the low thermostat setting and cause excessive wear and tear or premature break down.


4.   Regular Maintenance Visits by a Well Trained Air Conditioning Technician. Many Air Conditioner problems can be avoided or reversed during regular maintenance visits. Even when your unit appears to be functioning well, annual preventative maintenance services will help to ensure your Air Conditioning System is running at its best.




Hiring a Professional Air Conditioning Service Technician

A brief outline of what tasks & investigations a well-trained technician should do during a maintenance service:-

·        Record ambient, room, cool room and/or cabinet temperatures.

·        Check/clean air filters.

·        Check/clean condensate drains.

·        Check indoor and outdoor coils.

·        Check compressor oil levels.

·        Check refrigerant levels.

·        Check crankcase heaters.

·        Inspect/check electrical components.

·        Inspect/check controls and/or time clocks.

·        Inspect/check general condition of equipment including rust/corrosion.

·        Check operations of unit.



Please feel free to contact our office on 07 5445 6788 to book in for your next maintenance service with one of our highly trained technicians.  
By Shannon's Refrigeration And Air Conditioning 14 Dec, 2016
You’re not sure if it is a problem with the air conditioner or the remote controller is dead.

Here is a little tip –

To confirm if your remote control is powering up. You can detect if the air conditioning remote is sending a signal by using your digital camera, including your phone camera.

1. Turn your camera display on and point the remote transmitter at the camera screen
2. Press the ON/OFF button on the remote controller. If there is power a LED light should be emitted and will show up on the camera display.

If there is no light your remote control may be faulty. Please feel free to contact our office for more information.


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